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Hi, I’m Lee Bannister
I am obsessed with the power of the unconscious mind to create world-class results fast. For the past 17 years, I have been helping people, like you, clear all kinds of blocks and create transformation in their lives. I help clients become confident, unstoppable, master their mindset, and live a life of meaning; and I can help you do the same. The key factor is for you to be ready; and it looks like you are.
Using the latest models of psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis, and high performance coaching I’ve helped Oscar winners, international athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, and corporate executives who want to unlock their full potential and create extraordinary success across all areas of their personal and professional lives.
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In order for you to be happy in yourself and be on the fast track to success, you have to take aligned and empowered action and not hold yourself back with hidden blocks, beliefs or fears; this way you become unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams. Just the fact that you are reading this now, tells me you are ready for a breakthrough so congratulations on taking inspired action.
Are YOU Ready To Remove These 5 little known Blocks So You Can Be Truly Unstoppable?
Transforming Lives For 2 Decades Moving People Towards Results & Becoming Who They Want To Be? ARE YOU NEXT?
Since 2000, in over 10-thousand hours of client sessions, I’ve been helping Individuals, like you, become more confident, effective and empowered leaders. I have consulted with companies such as Shell, Vodafone, and PWC in the areas of assessment, development and communication, spoken in front of more than 1 million people, and helped hundreds of business owners get bigger, more satisfying results with less effort and less time.
Who Are My Clients?
The Ugly Truth About My Hidden Blocks...
When I was much younger I used to hold myself back for fear of how people would react and put other people's needs before mine. I used to worry about people’s opinions and be scared of upsetting people in case it would cause conflict. No matter how successful I became, I still didn't feel good enough.
I embarked on a journey of personal transformation that led me to becoming truly confident in myself. I said goodbye to crippling anxiety, fears around my worth, and it was in doing this that I found my purpose; which is to help others from holding themselves back.
Now, 30 years later I know that my challenges were a gift so I can help others be the best version of themselves and master their mindset so they can master their life.
What I know, from my 20-plus years of comprehensive training as an anxiety relief and mindset expert, human behaviour specialist, hypnotherapist, and high-performance mentor, with over 10-thousand client session hours, is that when you unlock the power of the subconscious mind, you get the fast track to your happiness and success.
Tired & Frustrated Of Hitting The Glass Celing? When You Stop Using Will Power & Access The Power Of All of Your Mind You Can Quickly...
The "Old School" Methods Of Coaching Will Kill Your Chances Of Fast Tracking Your Success, The Little known Secrets How To Remove These Programs & Blocks Is Understood By Few.…
Most coaches are deeply caring and supportive and can help you to some degree and give you some great strategies, and often they will hold you accountable, but the actual root issues still lurk in the background because most coaches are not masters of the subconscious mind, which is where the root of the issues live.
Let Me Reveal The BIG SECRET Solution If You Want To Create A Breakthrough In Your Life, Or Hit A New Level?
The secret sauce to transformation is to find someone who has a gift for finding the root of your issues; be it a pattern, a fear, or a limiting belief that is keeping you stuck. If you don't solve your issues at the root, you are forever chasing symptoms or, worse yet, talking about the issues week after week.
You need someone who has the skills and gift to find the real problem, fear or belief and then have the skills to take a wrecking ball to the fears locked in your subconscious and dissolve them permanently so you can be confident and free.
What I Really Love About Working With Someone Who Is A True Master Of Transformation, Is How Simple & Fast It Is To Start Getting Results...
You need someone to help you find the pattern, then install a new program or belief in your subconscious mind and help create a new empowering habit.
You need someone who has the tools and training to help you master your mindset and help you create meaningful insights to create momentum.
And if you haven't got an expert to support you in this process you could end up more confused than a deer in the headlights, feeling stuck and not good enough, and thinking it's your fault….and of course it is not your fault…you just haven’t gotten the right support yet.

In Fact You Could Get Results In As Little AS 30 Day's But Don't Take My Word For it...

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Im Sure By Now You Can Clearly See How Life Changing this Can Be When You Finally Stop Holding Yourself Back & Start Taking Alligned Action...
As a 20-plus year veteran of working with the subconscious mind, I use cutting-edge technologies to heal the part of you that most coaches can’t even find or therapists only want to talk about, but don't actually heal.
I release my clients from the self-imposed prison they are living in and dissolve the blocks they didn’t even know they had, creating lightning-fast, lasting change that unlocks exponential greatness.
I am a certified:
How am I different from other coaches?
To start, while I’m certified in many things, I do not consider myself a traditional coach. Your typical coach is trained to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
While some great strategies may be put in place, the actual root issues still lurk in the background because most coaches are not masters of the subconscious mind, which is where the root of the issues live.
I break market rules. I know that people like to specialise in specific external results, but ALL external results actually come from the internal, so I dissolve the root-cause invisible barriers, because when we remove these, it becomes easy for you to take action.
You no longer need a coach to help you be accountable or get your mojo back…
They may give you organisational learning, different perspectives, tools, and accountability support, but in my experience, of being called in after the standard coaching has failed, or years of therapy that hasn't worked, most coaches simply can’t find the root of their client’s problem(s), so the core issues/blocks or beliefs never get resolved.
When you are in alignment with your goals and your blocks are removed you don’t need external motivation or accountability to help you slog on.
We put your natural flow state on autopilot, so you effortlessly take more powerful action with less effort.
I help people put their “stuff” (limiting beliefs, old stories, and outdated patterns and behaviours) in the bin.
My clients have called me “CEOs’ Secret Weapon”, “Belief Buster”, “Belief Archeologist”, “Magical”, and “Emotional Surgeon” for my unique gift of pulling out the emotions that are not serving people, so they are free to create a personal and professional life that they truly love. I have also been called the “Transformational Man” as I unlock the hidden problem and set you free fast.

How I work With Clients?

I work with a limited number of private clients, individuals, and teams, via custom packages on zoom and sometimes in person.

I also have training available online with my breakthrough7 Ways To Confidence & Success System“.

For a limited time all my 1:1 coaching clients also get access to my 7 ways to confidence and success system, a complete system that helps you upgrade your confidence, master your psychology and mindset so you can be fulfilled in every area of your life.

If you want to change your life the key factor is is for you to be ready; the fact that you made it to the bottom of this page tells me that you are ready for a breakthrough. 

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