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“Stop Thinking You Are Not Good Enough,Crush Self-doubt & Fear So You Can Be The Most Confident Person In The Room …

…Play a Bigger Game Make a Bigger Difference & Reach a Whole New level of fulfilment & Success in Business & Life.

Regardless of how long you’ve been struggling with confidence or if you feel like you are hitting a glass ceiling and staying at the same level we’re a community of caring people that can’t wait to help so you can create the ultimate life.

Every single person in our loving community deserves to create the ultimate life and be who they subconsciously dream to be whilst making a bigger impact in the world.

Maybe you’re here because you are fearful of something and you need a confidence boost and you know that your mindset is the hidden key to unlocking it all.

Maybe you’re here because you feel you are hitting a glass ceiling and you’re not making the income you as you are holding yourself back from doing what you know you should do.

Maybe you’re here because you feel not good enough have self-doubt or a criticising voice
which is impacting your relationships and business and you are self-sabotaging.

Whatever reason you’re here, welcome!

Let’s start, right now. You’re about to discover the little-known secrets that takes a wrecking ball
to the fear factory of your mind, creating Rockstar confidence, so you have the power to go for anything you want in business and in life.

We’ll kick off by diving deep into awareness to maximise your understanding of your phycology and inner game so that you confident in your belief that you can do it from day one …instead of being aloneand  trying to fix a problem you don’t understand!

You’ll discover how to quicklystop the fear of sharing your voice and stepping up in a bigger way in your career for terror of worry about what people think of you.

And you’ll learn how to boldly step intobeing your true selfwith confidence rather than
feeling that you are a fraud.

The best part? When you implement these little-knownsecrets, you will have a road map
to keep compounding your success, and fulfilment so you can reach a new level of happiness in your life.

Relight that fire in your belly uncover your passion to share your authentic voice in social situation with presence boldness and power rather than people pleasing and worrying.

That might sound crazy right now. The reason is that unstoppableconfidence and how to master your mindset is a skill which is understood by very few.

Have you ever wandered what is the secret sauce to success and reaching new levels of money, relationships or success whether in corporate or in entrepreneurship?

In corporate I have helped people go from ground up to partner and overtake their colleagues, I helped them with their mindset confidence and communication.

In Business’s I have helped people go from anxiety, stressing and worrying to rituals of balance and harmony in their life whilst maintain a multi-million pound businesses.

In corporate it is not the latest skill In corporate it is more likely confidence your mindset and power to communicate.

Often for the entrepreneur with a mindset of starting things it isn’t the latest tactic
for marketing that helps them climb the ladder of success.

It is often mastering the monkey mind that makes us move on to the next thing
or stops us sharing our message in a bold way for fear of criticism and worry.

But confidence isn’t one of the keys to your  money thermostat, your business level and optimum  health it is also impacts our relationships.

In relationships I have helped someone who hadn’t had a relationship for 14 years, find their dream partner and get married.

I break market rules when it comes to what I do as confidence and mindset is the key to unlocking it all.

Why Is It That Confidence And Mindset is The Missing Secret Key?

In a nutshell, your thoughts create actions, as humans think our thoughts are real and right when they are often lies from the subconscious mind blocking us and limiting us.

Ironstine said “We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of out thinking”

Yes, a huge piece of building your building your business, mastering your relationships, attracting powerful friendships and getting to feel good more of the time even in the down times, will be about mindset and confidence.
That’s what we do here.

If you want to create a new result then it makes sense that you need to change your thinking
and mindset, the inner mind impacts the outer actions.

If you’re ready to discover the 7 secret keys to do that so have more power to go for anything you want in your life then you’re in the right place?

If you are happy where you are with your business, relationships, and understanding of who you are and your purpose in life then that’s ok you are not a fit for us yet.

But if you’re ready to unlock a  more confident version of yourself then subscribe below to join our community and start growing your income with the “7 Ways To Confidence And Success” free guidebook 7 questions to change your life  (takes under 7 minutes to read).


“7 Steps To RockStar Confidence So You Can Create Have The Power To Go For Anything You Want”

So, Who Am I Anyway?

Hi, I’m Lee Bannister

I genuinely have a love and passion to help people and my goal for 17 years has been to help people get out of their ownway, so they can unlock their confident and true self and be who they subconsciously dream to be.

Not only that – but I believe that when you master your mindset you can make a bigger difference in your business and in your life.

When sharing your voice confidently you too can make a ripple affect make a bigger difference in the families, communities and even the world!

My message is to help people realise You are Good Enough, Lovable and You Can do it.

I want to help you be the most confident person in room so you can play at the next level
of you, whatever that is for you.

Whether is a confidence boost, to speak up, share your message or be bolder or make a bigger difference, by putting yourself out there more I can help.

I am not someone who has attended a weekend coaching course I am a dinosaur when it comes to transformation, who is known as The Ceo’s Secret Weapon.

I’ve been helping people like you be confident in performance, andmaster your mind for 17 years.I have worked in assessment and development in business and I have spoken in front of more than 1 million people, I am fascinated by the body mind connection and am qualified in anatomy, physiology, massage, (ITEC)

I am a certified performance consultant, have a BTEC national diploma in performance arts, I am qualified as a mediator. I qualified as a master results coach, and neuro repatterning, I spent 8 years training other people in NLP, hypnosis and the secrets of getting to the next level in the 7 little known secrets that I reveal in my checklist.


“7 Steps To RockStar Confidence So You Can Create Have The Power To Go For Anything You Want”

But I have 2 confessions, one time whilst standing on stage in front of 8000 eyeballs I stuttered and then as a result the next time I was about to speak, I was crippled with anxietyand was thinking maybe I am not good enough and I wanted to run and hide.Yes my confidence was shook up and I was thinking of running away from sharing my voice.
Ironically In my therapy and coaching work with over 10,000 sessions I have been helping people get out of their own way, overcome their fears andanxieties. I help people get unstuck out of their own way and remove the glass ceiling.

Here is the thing each new level of success an competency requires a new level of mindset
an confidence.New level, New devil to deal with so to speak.Oh yes! dare I say it my second confession is that once I played the lead role in a play where I had to getnaked at the end of the show in front of thousands of people and I did this every dayfor 9 months.I don’t know if it’s the same for you. But I have been told that is something that requiresunstoppable confidence.

Fortunately, my coaching programs is all about your mindset and confidence and doesn’t
require you to be in your birthday suit😊 but if you want to have unstoppable confidence
you are in the right place.

My sweet spot is to empowerleaders, entrepreneurs expertsand coaches to give them the confidence to get to the next level, but if someone needed help with their confidence I am
happy to help.

For years I helped people who felt fearful, frustrated and stuck and didn’t know why or how to change.
Quite often a feeling of being worthy, good enough, or self doubt and criticism was holding people back.

I wanted to help them. And that’s what I did.

Over 7 years I discovered that there we 7 secret keys to get you from where you
are to where you want to get to.

I found the patterns I’d used to help people in over 10,000 sessions and it was always
the 7 same keys.

I put that together in a system called the 7 Ways to Confidence and Success.

It’s a simple, 7-step system that any Leader entrepreneur, expert coach or someone
looking to get to the next level by mastering their inner game.

I decided to focus on Leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and coaches as here I can spread the ripple affect, and get to help even more people in the same struggle as the moment you spread your message, you need a new level of confidence and people need help lets the message of hope
to the people who need it.

I was personally also sick of the fake marketing experts trying to help people with a message or marketing , when the problem is when you hit a new level of challenge you need a new level of mindset not a new tactic or push button system to skyrocket your confidence, if you think that
the answers lie outside yourself you could end up more confused than a rabbit in the headlights.

Also I heard so much nonsense around a step by step marketing approach for one size approach to get a result when we are all completely different and wired up differently.

We need to master our psychology first.

We have 3 minds a primal mind, and emotional mind and a logical mind, here I am
hypnotising over 1,000 people I am confident I can help you too.


These days, I run workshops and events around the world helping Leaders, Entrepreneurs
and experts master their mindset so they can master their business and life.

I also help people through my online programs.

YesI want to help people like you get to a new level so you can be who you subconsciously dream to be.

I would love it if I can help you get to a new level

Yes, you.

At last you have someone who is loving and kind and is passionate about helping you be the best
version of you and if you are stronger you can spread that love to a whole new level.
Discover the 7 Ways To Confidence and Success and you will unlock more power to go for anything you want.
Get your FREE 7 Checklist to 7 Ways to Confidence and success today.


“7 Steps To RockStar Confidence So You Can Create Have The Power To Go For Anything You Want”

If you are still reading this maybe it is your time to crush all fears and self-doubt, banish ideas that

you are not good enough so you can have the power to go for anything you want.

Whether it is take your business to the next level, master your phycology so you can have more peace and fulfilment in life. Or you want a confidence boost.

Or if you want to discover why the press have raved about Lee’s work “I am so surprise it worked”
The Evening Standard “Feeling Supremely Chilled” Brides “Left Me Elated”Tatler

>>I recommend checking out 7 ways to confidence and success to see what it is all about.

International Speaker & Trainer

He speaks. He sings. He performs. He Transforms.

You’re Good Enough. You’re Lovable.. You Can Do it.

Lee Bannister has performed on stage in front of more than a million people. He is renowned for truly captivating theatre with which he communicates his wealth of personal transformational knowledge, both on stage and in his events, trainings and courses. Whether he is revealing the secrets to personal breakthroughs or the proven system to unleash Rockstar confidence his infectious enthusiasm and passion for helping people get the life they love is truly infectious.

“And to my surprise it worked” Evening Standard “Feeling Supremely Chilled” Brides “Left Me Elated”

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