CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Leaders, Authors, speakers, coaches, have sought out Lees help because they want to create a breakthrough, and unlock the power within them to reach a new level of confidence, high performance and success. 


Unlock Your Potential Power call (£0.00)

  • Want to Boost Your Confidence and unleash the power to show up in the world in a way that is authentic, bold, and gets more impact and influence?
  • Want to feel more unstoppable and powerful, but you have feelings or inner critique that holds you back from doing what you love, or being who you really want?
  • You may want to have more balance and clarity and happiness in your life as you feel stressed, and feel that you are off track?
  • You may want to hit a new level of success in relationships, business, or health and need to master your mindset to do it.
  • You want to stop standing in your own way, procrastinating, or feeling not good enough in social situations or want to share your voice more boldly.
  • Or perhaps you are fearful frustrated or stuck, and don’t know why or how to change it?

Unlock Your Potential Power call (£0.00)

Lee’s Unique Gift Is Getting You Unstuck Fast

Perhaps you feel not good enough? or need a confidence boost? Perhaps you want to crush self-doubt,
and stop holding yourself back?
Or… maybe you want to master your mindset and hit the next level of performance and success

This transformational coaching is for you if you want to …

  • Unlock the hidden barriers holding YOU back
  • Stop You Feeling not good enough
  • Crush self Doubt
  • Be anxiety Free and Unleash Your Rockstar Confidence
  • Get YOU out of YOUR own way
  • Get crystal clarity on your goals, values, and purpose
  • Achieve High performance, social mastery, and the Power to reach higher levels of success.
  • You want to be the most confident authentic and powerful you.

Would You Like Me To Personally Reveal How You Can Create Rockstar Confidence?

“I started working with Lee 90 Days ago, I wanted to do some breakthrough coaching for my business and somehow didn’t realise all that I would receive. It has been an amazing experience unlocking what had been holding me back in different areas of my life and business. If you had told me we would have cleared so much and transformed my life so much in so little time I really wouldn’t have believed it. Today 90 days later, I feel amazing I feel I have raised to the full level of my potential. I have implemented so much in my business that I had been slow to do before or that I had somehow sabotaged my actions before.” 

“Whenever we invest in breakthrough coaching like this making the decision and gifting yourself something like this can be the first breakthrough itself. Understanding at the time of investment is difficult because you cannot yet see the outcome, so the investment seems larger than what the outcome will be. All I can say is to trust in Lee, he is a master transformer of people. He took me from my worn down state, uncovered beliefs I didn’t even know I had myself and helped me to heal old stories I was replaying in my daily life, unknown to myself”.

“I feel like a new person, a whole new person. I feel like I been put back together  and I am so ready to go to the next level in my business. This investment in the breakthrough session will last me my whole lifetime and will also make sure the rest of my life is my best.” 

“The question is not can you afford to invest, the question is can you afford not to. I highly recommend Lee Bannister, if you want to live and work at your next level in your business and life.” 

Wow I just want acknowledge you for what has happened. I have to say you really are the
transformation Man. In such a short time, I have spoken to my sister; I have got forgiveness from
a person of the past. In truth I have had so many breakthroughs Ive come on an incredible journey
with you, and cannot thank you enough for being so instrumental in helping me create a life I love,
and inspiring me now to grow an contribute to others in new ways I thought unimaginable months ago. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you!

Richrard Murfitt, Brand Transformation expert and Rule Breaker

When you join me in your transformational coaching…

  • It means you are committed to 90 days transformational program of coaching.
  • Which means you get me one-on-one, and I’m totally on your side to help you move powerfully forward so you can have the power to be who you dream to be.
  •  I will design the perfect program that helps you get the results that you want fast.
  • My clients often say that our time together was truly transformational. This is What Martha Had To Say…
  • I will be here to help you smash down perceived barriers and help you get the life you really love so that you become who you really dream of being.
  • You will have access to the latest human transformational techniques, to help you get to the results you want faster and easier, rather than feeling like you are fighting yourself Let’s Chat About Your Transformation…
  •  I am ready to help you ignite that passion purpose and banish those fears.
  • I am ready to help you overcome your hidden blocks.
  • I am ready to give you the power to go for anything you want, so you can skyrocket your level of success.

I am here to help you…

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>>Unlock Your Potential Power call (£0.00)

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