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Frustrated! Can’t make progress at work!

I remember how much I used to dread it when the phone went at my desk. I just knew it was going to be someone with a problem, even when it wasn’t!
Then there were those gut-churning times when I had to give presentations, or go into meetings. My palms would be sweaty, my throat would feel dry and I always felt like I needed the bathroom. I loathed it. I felt awkward and just knew that I would trip over my tongue or say the wrong thing, or just not be good enough.
The above are what I get so often from my clients. But here’s the thing: not a single one of them was ever actually “not good enough”.
Anxiety is something most of us have heard about, but so many don’t know how prevalent it is, or what it actually looks like or feels like. It is a learned behaviour that has been trained into us either by circumstances, upbringing or a combination of these plus more. Basically our brain is stuck constantly on alert. It is actively looking for things that could go wrong in order to keep us safe. That’s why we seem to be always prepping for the worst-case scenario, spotting potential problems before they happen, feeling overwhelmed, and more importantly, holding back from life and what it offers.
How many times have we thought “oh if only I had the confidence to do that/grasp that opportunity/take that first step”.
“If only I could assert myself in meetings and show my potential/everything I know!”
“I know so much more than my colleagues, yet I never seem to get heard or noticed!”
But here is the good news: It is something that can be overcome! We don’t have to stay stuck in these situations, and it is possible to learn the skills to conquer our inner saboteur.
My advice is to take a week at work and take note of every time a bad feeling becomes an obstacle to successfully completing or carrying out a task. This will help to assess how much of an issue this is.
Then this is where someone with the skills to help break through this mindset is invaluable. So if we are feeling stuck in our career, feel like we have hit a wall and feel like we are being passed over, then know that there is hope and that once we know how, then we can unlock all those achievements.
I am always happy to chat about what can be improved or changed in life.
Be the best you can be!
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